Our Team

The team at The Colosseum are dedicated health and fitness professionals who are passionate about their careers in the industry.

They are driven individuals who are constantly looking to further their knowledge to make them the best at what they do not only to help them to achieve their own health and fitness goals but more so to help the people that they coach succeed in their achieving their own health and fitness goals. In essence ‘your success, is their success’.


Matt & Lisa

“Our wish is that you love our gym and fellow members as much as we do’” – Matt & Lisa

We turned our passion into a business and opened The Colosseum Strength and Conditioning because we wanted to offer a place where people could come to get stronger, fitter and healthier in a supportive, welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

Outside of the gym, Matt works in the Medical device field and Lisa is a Qualified Nutritionist.

Crossfit Level I

  • Personal Training
  • BSc Nutrition
  • Food Science
  • Post Grad Dip Health Promotion
  • Crossfit gymnastics

Crossfit Level I

  • Crossfit Weightlifting
  • Crossfit Strongman
  • CERTIFICATE III & IV in Fitness
  • AIK I & II Kettlebell



“Helping people achieve their fitness goals and working with them to further develop their skills is what I enjoy the most in life” – Kelvin

Meet Kelvin one of our coaches at the Colosseum Strength and Conditioning. Kelvin is a passionate weightlifter, strongman and strength & conditioning coach and has worked in the fitness industry for over 5 years. Helping people achieve their fitness goals and working with them to further develop their skills is what Kelvin enjoys the most in life (that and coffee). Kelvin believes the only way to help people in this area is to further develop his own skills, which he continuously strives to do. Kelvin lived in China to train with their Olympic weightlifters, and attend seminars with legendary weightlifters Dmitry Klokov, Dmitry Laipikov, David Rigert and Vladislav Rigert. “I learnt from the best in the business so I can provide the skills to enable others to be their best.” 

Our Coach


“I started coaching because I wanted to help other people achieve their fitness goals” – Angelo

Meet Angelo one of our coaches at the Colosseum Strength and Conditioning. Angelo has been involved in the fitness and CrossFit industry for over 10 years and has specialised in CrossFit for the past 7 years. After completing his Level 1 & Level 2 CrossFit Trainer certification, Angelo developed a passion for helping other people achieve their fitness goals, helping to mentor and develop their skills. Angelo specialises in the modification and adjustments of movements to suit individual needs especially those with injuries. Angelo always brings a smile and a laugh to his classes and makes fitness fun while ensuring that your movements are performed to the highest standard.

Crossfit Level I & II

  • Personal Training
  • Boxing
  • Boot Camp Training

Crossfit Level I & II

  • Bachelor of Human Movement & Physical Education
  • Level I Football & Netball Coach
  • Personal Training
  • Bootcamp



“I am a big believer in training functional movements that ensure we improve our movement patterns in everyday life” – Glen

Glen has been in the Health & Fitness industry for close to 30 years, beginning his career at UWA where he completed a Bachelor of Human Movement & Physical Education. He commenced his own Personal Training business on completion of his degree and has been involved in training and coaching others ever since. Glen works closely with junior football and netball clubs with general coaching along with implementation of their preseason and in season fitness campaigns. His classes are high energy with an upbeat positive attitude. He focuses on ensuring movement is executed with quality form, and through experience is very well adept at working with athletes where a movement may cause pain or discomfort, and altering it to still ensure the athlete achieves the required response through a different stimulus.

Our Coach


“Exercise isn’t about the aesthetic look, it’s about having fun and being healthy, creating essential habits that will allow us to live life to its fullest potential.” – Bec

Bec has been passionate about fitness and training over the last 15 years, combining her love of group fitness to mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and now CrossFit. With a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science combined with her Certificate 3&4 in fitness and CrossFit Trainer Level 1, Bec enjoys guiding and assisting people with their fitness journey especially that moment of helping someone realise their capabilities which is very rewarding for her.

Crossfit Level I

  • BSc in Sports & Exercise Science
  • Certificate III & IV in fitness
  • Boxing certificate