Training Programs

Our Training

The Colosseum Strength and Conditioning uniquely offers tailored training and nutrition solutions for all individuals from one easily accessible location.

Strength & Conditioning

Developed and supervised by the coaching staff at The Colosseum, these small group sessions are designed to increase your strength, increase your lean muscle mass, decrease your body fat mass and improve your overall health and fitness. These sessions are suited to all levels of fitness and all movements can be scaled down to suit the member’s individual skill level. Combine these classes with hard work and healthy nutrition habits and you will achieve results.


Access to an onsite fully qualified Nutritionist is available to help you achieve your training based nutrition goals.

Olympic Lifting

These sessions are designed to break down some of the more complex barbell movements at a slower pace under the watchful eye of our expert coaches. You will learn to lift, with good technique before you move with added load.


Learn to climb a rope, do a handstand walk or do a pull – up. These sessions are designed to break down some of the advanced gymnastic moves at a slower pace so that you learn the proper technique to employ during a faster paced Strength and Conditioning class.

Personal Training

Our passionate coaches are available for one-on-one personal training for an additional cost. Each session will be designed based on your individual training goals and current ability.

The Colosseum Way

By following these few simple points below we foster and encourage a sense of camaraderie and community.

If you see a face you don’t recognise please go and introduce yourself

Support and encourage your fellow members

Help your fellow members pack away the equipment

Be considerate of your fellow members and practice good hygiene

Clean up your DNA – please wipe your blood, sweat, tears and chalk from the floor if necessary